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■The controller is designed user friendly, making for easy use. It has NORMAL, 180°, and DIPOLE modes. Because the SWR changes depending on its circumstances, element lengths are adjustable. You can fine tune the SWR at your location. KA-1 controller is equipped with a communication interface for most transceivers in today’s market. To protect your amplifier and VERSA antenna, the controller has a protection circuit that opens the TX Ground line between your amplifier and exciter while the elements are moving. ■Each element has Home Position Sensor so that the controller detects the home position to stop movement. Two separate reels driven by gear belts are used for elements. The reels are installed side by side which brings two major merit for VERSA antenna. One is that it reduces the floating capacitance between elements, and the other is elements move smoothly without stress. ■Versa 403L element length is approximately 50% of full size for 7MHz, 70% for 10MHz, 70% for 14MHz, 88% for 18MHz, and full size for 21MHz and higher.
■Versa 203L element length is approximately 70% of full size for 14MHz, 88% for 18MHz, and full size for 21MHz and higher.
■Controller interface
・Power connector
・CI-V(3.5mm monophonic)
・Linear AMP(RCA)
・Antenna Connection(Amphenol36P)

■Models confirmed
      working with VERSA BEAM
■The boom material is MIL standard aluminum, ensuring durability and corrosion resistance qualities. The plate that supports the elements is des igned for maximum durability. To ensure proper element position, silicon rubber and high strength plastic holders are incorporated without adverse effects on higher bands. ■The glassfiber pole supporting moving element is super light that is painted gray to improve durability and weatherproof . Versa 203L uses 3.6m pole.(two sections, 0.7Kg). Versa 403L uses 5.2m pole (three sections, 1Kg). Both poles can be shortened to 2m for transportation.
■Water proof connectors are preinstalled with the junction cable and the control cable, saving time and ensuring proper connectivity. Wiring size and type are designed for this application. The end user needs only to determine cable length required.

Model KA1-203 Lite KA1-204L KA1-403 Lite KA1-404 Lite
Gain/Size KA-1 203L Gain KA-1 203L Gain KA-1 403L Gain KA-1 404L Gain
Frequency Range 14-50 14-50 7-50 7-50
Element 3 4 3 4
Number of Elements
for Each Band

3 Elements

4 Elements
3 Elements
3 Elements
Longest Element(m) 7.2 7.2 10.4 10.4
Power Rating 14MHz-50MHz 3kW SSB 14MHz-50MHz 3kW SSB 7MHz 1.2kW SSB
10MHz 1.2kW CW
14-50MHz 3kW SSB
7MHz 1.2kW SSB
10MHz 1.2kW CW
14-50MHz 3kW SSB
  Φ38 Φ38 Φ38 Φ38
Boom Length(m) 3.8 6.0 3.8 6.0
Turning Radius(m) 4.1 5.2 5.4 5.53
Weight(kg) 26 32 27 33
Wind pressure area(u) 0.65 0.88 0.75 0.97
Wind pressure area fit mast(mm) Φ48〜Φ61 Φ48〜Φ61 Φ48〜Φ61 Φ48〜Φ61
14〜50MHz MODEL 7〜50MHz MODEL
Model KA1-203L KA1-204L KA1-403L KA1-404L
14〜50 3 Eements 14〜50 4 Eements 7/10 DP
14〜50 3 Eements
7/10 DP
14〜50 4 Eements
Price US$2,900 US$3,800 US$3,600 US$4,500
For All Models
(Antenna parts & Accessories)
All antenna parts
Controller Adapter/1 Junction Box/ A set of cables to connect AEUs with Junction Box
Tranceiver Interface/Antenna Protection Circuit / Assembly Manual/ Operation Manual

※Designs and specifications are subject to change without notice as we develop and improve the performance
   of the antennas.

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